Our Mission

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Together we change medicine with future intelligence!

This principle and ambition represents a decisive value for our social coexistence of the present and the future, which we will proactively shape and live. This mission conceals a huge significance, coupled with clear upheavals which can only be reached in a community and democratic way and which can survive in the long term. We define future intelligence for ourselves, through the three essential principles that art intelligence best describes: collective intelligence, connectivity, and co-evolution!

Digital Transformation

Collective intelligence involves an essential and crucial concept of sharing. We will bring our knowledge, ideas together with many and thus enable the greatest possible participation. This in turn leads to greater satisfaction, equal opportunities and much better results. Future intelligence combines empathy, vitality, creativity, meaningfulness, team skills and professionalism.

Connectivity represents a new culture in the digital age and will accelerate digital connectivity. Human beings create new jobs and social forms and thus open up new opportunities to create new freedoms and freedoms. Connectivity is not a technological trend, but a social trend, accelerated by modern technology. The result is a new culture of cooperation and connectedness.

Co-evolution is created by strong global connectivity, which is confronted with significant floods of data, ideas and algorithms. Digitization leads to a co-evolution of humans and technology. It is undergoing a fundamental change that will not reversible lyticly shift existing powers and will have significant environmental and social consequences. Existing boundaries between personal and professional, between man and machine, private and public shift and re-emerge.

Digitization and AI live from the basis of data streams from the past, data from the future are not available. Algorithms can think of the future only from a series of data from the past. You cannot shape the future, because it consists of the new, the creative and the surprising. The new form of technology will make it easier for us to meet the challenges and meaningful way in which a digitally networked world is handled. The decisive factor in the whole equation is a component, man. Technology and machines will not be able to do without him.

Today’s technological processes are based on the most simple and structurally low-resistance cognitive solutions. But they are not and will not be the panacea in this simplicity, because man possesses enormous cognitive abilities based on life experience, meaningfulness and logicalabstract thinking and understanding. These properties will play a decisive role in many problem solving. One should not surrender blindly to technology and always question it and gain insights for one’s part.This defines our current and future developments, they interact in a way that arises from a hybrid form. Not only is the knowledge about this form of technology sufficient, but to develop an understanding of its structure and delivered results, that is our great goal.

Man will continue to be the measure of all things.

On these healthy and powerful pillars, we will present our developments to the whole world and revolt digital medicine worldwide in the coming years and become the world market leader in this field. We will redefine social culture and entrepreneurial culture and that in a democratic way. Together, we will be able to offer an incredible range of integrated possibilities and thus decisively democratize medicine. The medicine and care of patients will be dramatically different and will highlight our 4-P strategy, “the prediction, prevention, participation and personalization”. They will be widely applicable and shift the focus to health care rather than disease relief.

We continue to provide easy and continuous access to health and care in terms of the global undersupply of certain medical treatments and prevention options.