Momber Health Consult

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MOMBER Health Consult - Individual consulting and digital solution concepts for your company.

Constant changes and digital requirements in healthcare require new ways of communicating.


Due to demographic change and increasing digitalization, in addition to medical expertise, transparency and data synthesis are also becoming an essential focus in the health sector.

Momber Health Consult (MHC) stands for a modern, future-oriented start-up company, which is characterized by the development of “Digital Solutions” as well as by the expertise and comprehensive support of your practice management.

Our goal is therefore to ensure the quality of healthcare by optimising and future-proofing the interaction of health actors and AI applications. This allows doctors and nurses to focus more on the patient instead of having to do routine work on the PC.

We therefore offer you concepts of individualized medicine and the creation of an innovative diagnostic therapy application. A team of experts accompanies, advises and supports you strategically and creatively in questions of practice management and IT application.

Our IT solution concepts are based on the symbiosis of modern digital technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), and expert systems (XPS).

Momber Health Consult (MHC) is therefore your central point of contact for the optimal, creative and future-oriented communication structure of your companies. With us, you can achieve results that are supported by all health actors.

Our Product

The virtual doctor's room MediGo allows you to experience the future of medicine already now. Health information, doctor-patient communication and documentation from a single source.

About us

Momber Health Consult (MHC) is concerned about the development of digital solutions in the healthcare sector. The solution concepts of this innovative start-up are based on the symbiosis of modern digital technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI) and expert systems. The aim is to synergy in the interaction of health actors and AI applications, so that doctors and nurses can focus their work on the patient instead of time-consuming routine work. Due to demographic change and increasing digitalization, not only pure expertise, but also transparency and data synthesis will shape communication in the health sector. Therefore, the long-term goal of the MHC is to design an individualized medicine and to create a diagnostic therapy supporting application with future intelligence.

Digital Transformation



Domenik Momber

CEO and Sales manager

10 years of experience in the leading pharmaceutical sales service, advising various specialist groups. Certified practice expert "Company Medical Practice" at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut. Senior pharmaceutical consultant.


Karin Momber-Kuhn

Customer Realtionship

Executive Assistant, DSGVO-Agent


Sebastian Georg

Software Development, IT-Support

Laboratory engineer at htw saar. Twelve years of experience in CAE, simulation and distributed measurement systems.


Mission statement

According to J.W. von Goethe’s “We are convinced that there is no greater and more effective means of mutual education than working together.” Our corporate philosophy is supported by the positive synergy effects between team members, customers and partners.

Our mission statement is therefore characterized by the interaction of creative ideas, challenging aspects and tailor-made solutions of all parties involved, so that something unique can be created for your healthcare company.

Our values and principles are reflected in the colour scheme and the step-by-step development line of our company logo.

The basis of our constructive cooperation is based on the blue pillar, which shows trust and respect. On this basis, productivity and a common development of individual goals can be achieved in the next step. This performance and innovation for your healthcare companies is reflected in the green area.

The last pillar shows our tireless efforts and our responsibility to accompany and support you in this regard.

These pillars of cooperation and creativity create a synergy of joint and forward-looking action. This can sustainably secure and promote the passion, courage and success of your company.

Your ambition and your goals are our claim. Let us work together to create values and results-oriented solutions and achieve your goals!